Briggs Terrace/Evergreen Lane

1204 H Avenue

The house at Briggs Terrace/Evergreen Lane was built in 1879 for approximately $10,000. The brick home has passed in ownership from its builder, Otis Brigg, Sr., through four generations of the Briggs and Dutton families to the Nevada Community Historical Society in 1996. First called “Briggs Terrace,” it is also known by the name “Evergreen Lane.” Other interesting architecture on the property includes a carriage house and barn. The property is considered an outstanding landmark of the Nevada community. Restoration began in 1997 and will continue as resources and funds are available.

George Child Log House

1204 H Avenue

This cabin is Nevada’s oldest standing building. In 1854 George Child migrated from Illinois to Nevada by oxen and covered wagon. His was the third house built in Nevada—then at the corner of 4th Street and J Avenue. It was purchased and restored by the Nevada Rotary Club in 1975 as a bicentennial project and presented to the historical society on July 4, 1980. It was moved to Briggs Terrace/Evergreen, and restored, in 2006.

Dyer-Dowell Victorian House

922 5th Street

This house was originally the Story County jail, built in 1869. It was 24' x 30' with a hall and jailer’s residence on the first floor, with prisoner’s cells above. After it was enlarged and converted into a private home, it was purchased by Judge George W. and Martha Kellogg Dyer. Mrs. Dyer was the daughter of Dr. Nathan Alonzo and Hannah Kellogg—early pioneers of Nevada. Mrs. Austin A. Dowell (Isabel Dyer) gave the family home to the historical society in 1988 in memory of her parents and grandparents.

Halley School

1204 H Avenue

In 1975, Halley School was given to the Nevada Bicentennial Committee by Ivan and Sally Hornbacher Hansen, Dee Earl, and Lois Hornbacher, in memory of their parents, Issac and Elma Hornbacher. Halley School was built in 1874, and located southeast of Nevada. It was used through the 1944-45 school year. Many local teachers take their classes here to learn about school in the “olden days.” It was moved from the 4-H fairgrounds in 2006 and is being restored.


        Historical Center

              624 J Avenue

             In the Spring of 2012 Mani and Dr. Pandu Bonthala donated their office building to                               the  Historical Society. It is used as a museum and office for the Society.                                               The museum is open from 9-12 on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.