Who We are

Nevada Community Historical Society

The inception of the Nevada Community Historical Society began in November 1976 with the dissolution of the Nevada Bicentennial Commission. A committee consisting of Jo Murray, Judy Atwell, Jane Neff, Marj Hertz and Naomi Smith was given until January 1978 to charter a new Historical Society.

In July 1977, an Article of Incorporation was filed and on October 9, 1977, the first Board of Directors took their place. They were Marjorie Hertz, president; Sina Hall, Eva Kenney, Harold Kimberley, Pat Scudder, Carol Holstine, Joe Briley, Bob Eggers and Joyce Wissler.

The Nevada Community Historical Society had already acquired the Halley one-room schoolhouse, by then relocated to the 4-H Fairgrounds. Later, the George Child Log House was acquired, then the Dyer-Dowell Victorian Home and, finally, Briggs Terrace/Evergreen Lane.

Much of the Nevada Community Historical Society’s work is devoted to the upkeep and restoration of these properties. In 2001, a master plan was commissioned under the auspices of the State Historical Society of Iowa and approved by the Nevada Community Historical Society whereby the Halley School and the Child Log House would be moved to the southeast corner of the Briggs Terrace/Evergreen Lane property. It was felt their relocation would enhance the Evergreen Lane property as a historical museum site and civic amenity while providing educational opportunities at one location without negatively impacting the general landscape of the Evergreen Lane estate.

Board of Directors: 2021-2022

Kris Corbin, President

Jenny Helland, Vice President

Marlys Brehn, Secretary

Jan Sherwood, Treasurer

 Linda Wright , Curator

Ashley Kitten, Board

John Molacek, Board

Jordan Cook,  City rep:

Dorian Myhre Board

Marty Chitty, Board