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Samuel S. Statler

Samuel S. Statler was born on December 2, 1830, at Stoystown, Pennsylvania. He made his way to Nevada in 1856, with his family and James D. Ferner. Nevada was in its third year as a village. In 1860, he married Margaret Stephens. The couple
had eight children.

He was knowledgeable at keeping books and ledgers and soon had a place in the courthouse with the Democratic affiliation. Will Lockridge was then
county treasurer and recorder. Mr. Lockridge was glad to find such a capable young man. It seemed logical that Samuel would receive the nomination in 1859 to succeed Mr. Lockridge, but the county went Republican by a very meager majority. In 1873, he was elected county treasurer and he served that office for two years until once again the Republican vote forced him from office. In 1877, he ran for county
auditor but was not elected. This was the end of his political career.

He went into land speculation. They bought land west of the city and sold it off in pieces until they had their money back. An odd tract of land was left which they donated to the Nevada Cemetery. He was also in the grocery business. It was said
that for the Centennial Fourth, when there was a torrential rain, he was one of the storekeepers who kept their business open all night so people from out of town would have a place to stay. In later years, he was a local agent for American Express.
Mr. Statler was a Mason and served as secretary of the Nevada Lodge for fifty years. He was a charter member of the Odd Fellows Lodge. He also served on the school board. His service was a major factor in the organization of the Nevada School.
Samuel S. Statler died December 23, 1908, in his home in Nevada.