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Samuel Milton McHose

Samuel Milton McHose was born in Geneseo, Illinois, on August 17, 1856, son of Samuel and Mary (Dillon) McHose. In the spring of 1876, he came with his brothers, Euclid and Jo, to Colfax. From Colfax they traveled by horse and wagon to Nevada to join brother Burt. Burt had already been established in Nevada for a few weeks.

Burt McHose had contracted to furnish the brick for the building of the Story County Courthouse. The brothers came out to help him operate the new brickyard. Samuel McHose became a business partner with Burt and later sole owner, operating the
plant until 1884. For a year he operated a plant in what is now west Ames. He then came back to Nevada where he ran a brickyard for J. C. Mitchell. The next two years he continued working in the same profession with an established brick and tile factory
in St. Anthony. During winter weather, he clerked in the general store of A. L. Philips. He married Mr. Philips’ niece, Miss Sarah Sharon, on September 28,
1887. Miss Sharon was born in Marshalltown in 1866 to Simon and Charlotte Sharon. The 62-year union of Samuel and Sarah McHose was blessed with two children, a son Ray, and daughter Winifred.

In the spring of 1888, he purchased a factory in Packwood. In the winter months, during this time, Mr. McHose served as master of the village school.

His final and permanent return to Nevada came in 1897, when he built the Brick and Tile Factory just west of the city limits. This was his chief interest for 25 years. His son Ray joined him in 1922 and, in future years, it passed to his grandsons, Sam and
Don. He built a brick home on the hill to the west of the factory in 1899, and lived there until 1926. At that time, he and his wife moved to a home located at
1128 4th Street.

Although Mr. McHose moved into town, his interest in the factory never ceased; his trips there were still frequent. During his later years, Mr. McHose served as president of Nevada National Bank from its organization until his voluntary retirement in January 1946.

The work of Samuel McHose and the growth of Nevada truly go hand in hand. The old courthouse (built in 1876), several school buildings, the former Nevada library, the “Opera Block,” the Iowa Sanitarium, and most all of the brick business buildings on 6th Street are an enduring example of Nevada Clay Products and a life dedicated to hard work and business success.

Mr. McHose died at his home in Nevada on January 27, 1949, at the age of 92. Sarah died in 1951. They are buried in the Nevada Cemetery.