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Peter Christian Peterson

The family of Peter Christian Peterson, which included his wife and five children, left Copenhagen, Denmark, and landed in New York in 1871. The journey across the ocean took them three weeks.

As soon as they landed, they left New York and traveled to this part of the country and finally arrived in Nevada to make their home. Their home was on
the east corner of 6th Street and M Avenue, one block north of Lincoln Way.

After they were established, Peter started a shop in their home. He was a cabinetmaker making fine furniture as he had done in his shop in Copenhagen.

He died in 1878. Years later his wife remarried not leaving any trace of the family history.

His son, P. C. Peterson, who was only six years of age when they arrived in Nevada, continued in his father’s footsteps. Instead of being a cabinetmaker, he was a carpenter who would build houses and then do the fine finishing work on them

He met Anna Myers, a young girl who had come to Nevada. She and her two sisters came from their home in Meyersdale, Pennsylvania, to seek work. One sister, Belle, settled in Des Moines. Her sister, Bess, settled in Gilbert while Anna stayed in Nevada. In 1888, P. C. Peterson married Anna Myers and they had ten children, Mary, Bess, John, Ethel, Marie, Alma, Rose, Eva, Alfred, and Glen. Glen died when he was only two years old. That left Alfred as the youngest member of the

Al Peterson operated a gas station at 605 Lincolnway for 37 years

Al continued to make his home at 1219 3rd Street until he passed away, at 92 years of age, on November 15, 2001.