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John W. Ambrose

John Wesley Ambrose was born March 16, 1834, in what became West Virginia. He was the son of William and Mary Ambrose. In 1846 his family moved to Ogle County, Illinois. He married Lucy. In 1876 John came to Colo where he was in the general mercantile business. About 1887 he came to Nevada where he and his son, Harry, opened a drygoods, clothing, and shoe business.

The Ambroses were members of the Methodist Church.In later years he supervised the business while his sons, Harry, William, and Frank, did the day-to-day operation of the stores. John had land, mostly in Sherman Township, that he also checked regularly. He walked uptown to visit friends until the week he died. John died in 1923. Lucy died in 1940 at her home at 1122 8th Street.

Their children were: Mary, born 1865 and married John Ellwell; Harry Goodman, born 1867 and married Stella; William O, born 1868; B. Frank, born December 29, 1870, and married Mame Allen in 1894; Alice born 1874 and married Fredrick Neasham in 1908; and Eva (birthdate unknown), married Forrest Adams.