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Andrew Patton

Andrew Patton was born September 1, 1811, at Springboro, Ohio. He married Elizabeth, who was born February 12, 1827. The Pattons journeyed to Iowa in 1856. In 1863, he joined the war effort as the Union Army’s assistant surgeon in the 60th
Regiment of Colored Infantry. After a short time, he was made Surgeon in Chief of his regiment. After the war, he made his home in Nevada. He practiced
medicine and was a landowner of several hundred acres. His death occurred in Nevada in 1883. His remains were escorted to the cemetery in military fashion with a procession of approximately 50 aging soldiers moving to the muffled sound of the fife and drum. His faithful warhorse “Billy,” with an empty saddle, followed the procession. Andrew’s wife,Elizabeth, died May 23, 1895.

In later years, it was rumored that “Billy,” after his death, had been buried with Dr. Patton and his wife beside the large Patton monument located at the north side of the Nevada Cemetery. This tale was dismissed with the finding of a story from the
Nevada Representative dated August 27, 1884. The articles states that faithful “Billy” died on August 19, 1884. He was mentioned as a prominent and interesting feature of all local military displays. He was 29 years old and death was a result of old age.
At the end of the article, it describes his burial in the barnyard of the Patton place on a bed of hay, at which time he was covered with his time worn war
blanket. May they all rest in peace.